Cover that’s right for you and your family, both now and in the future

There are many reasons that our clients need to take out Life Assurance – our job is making sure that they get the right cover for their particular needs.

First of all I’ll look at your individual circumstances. What are your liabilities? Do you have young children? What are your mortgages and other financial commitments, such as school fees. How would your family manage if you weren’t here to take care of them financially? Once I’ve gathered all the information I’ll recommend the best policy bearing in mind all these factors and affordability – there are always different ways to achieve your aims.

Just pop in to see me, Roy Munn, at our Shrewsbury town centre office at 24 St John’s Hill or give me a call on 01743 363 363. Our office is open 9am – 5pm and no appointment is necessary.